Creating Signature Hospitality Experiences with Floor and Wall Tile

In the realm of hospitality, ambiance is everything. Floor and wall tile become powerful tools for shaping the atmosphere, reflecting your space’s unique energy and identity. Inspired by UMORE, where mood drives design, let’s explore how to transform your space with the magic of tile!


Flooring the Senses: Design Strategies for Hospitality Tile

Tile moves beyond functional surfaces. Think of it as your canvas for crafting a specific mood. The interplay of color, texture, and material can transport guests to a world of tranquility, playful energy, or refined sophistication. In high-traffic areas, opt for durable materials like porcelain without sacrificing style. Slip-resistant surfaces ensure safety, while textured tiles, like those in our Rho collection inspired by the woven textures of fabric, invite playful interaction.

Harness the power of visual patterns to guide guests subtly. Traditional patterns like the herringbone design, beautifully showcased in our Classico 1 collection’s porcelain mosaics, add timeless elegance. For a bolder statement, explore the geometric shapes of our Tivoli collection’s hex mosaics that form eye-catching designs.


Zone-Specific Design for Signature Experiences

As every space within your hospitality environment serves a purpose, so does your tile selection. Let’s create a sensory journey:

  • Lobbies: Bold tilework sets the tone! Dazzle guests with statements that embody your brand’s spirit. Consider our Lecce porcelain tile collection’s industrial-inspired look for a truly unique welcome.
  • Guest Rooms: These spaces become havens of relaxation. Tiles should foster peace, seamlessly weaving into the overall decor. The Rho porcelain tile collection is an excellent choice for a touch of warmth and texture.
  • Restaurants: Tile selections complement the culinary theme. Timeless subway tile adds elegance to any dining experience.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Durability fuses with natural aesthetics in these areas. Choose tiles that withstand the elements and enhance the surrounding beauty.


Trend Spotting: Where Classic Meets Innovation

Stay ahead of the design curve! Here are trends that elevate both form and function:

  • Biophilic Design: Tap into nature’s calming influence with tiles that mimic wood, stone, and other organic textures.
  • Bold Geometrics: Add modern dynamism with patterns that inject energy, like those in our Bologna ceramic mosaic collection.
  • Large-format Tiles: Emphasize spaciousness with minimal grout lines. The Lecce collection offers larger formats for a contemporary feel.

Find Your UMORE: Collaboration & Inspiration

Partner with industry experts to realize your tile vision and ensure your space reflects the distinct mood you seek:

  • Interior Designers: Your collaborators for translating your brand’s story into a stunning tile scheme.
  • Tile Suppliers: Source unique, on-trend materials to ensure your space stands out.
  • Architects: Collaborate from the early design stages for flawless structural integration of your chosen tiles.


Tile Selection Checklist for Hospitality Spaces

Choosing the right tile requires a balance of inspiration and practicality:

  • Function & Durability: How well does the tile suit the space and withstand its specific demands?
  • Safety: Prioritize slip resistance, especially in high-moisture areas.
  • Budget: Create a stunning space on a budget.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning: Consider how easy the surfaces will be to preserve over time.


The Transformative Power of Tile

Every detail counts in the competitive world of hospitality. Tile becomes your secret weapon for crafting an unforgettable brand story. Discover the perfect tile to reflect your unique mood within the UMORE collections designed to drive any interior forward. Let your hospitality space become a destination guests won’t just remember but one they long to return to.


Explore. Consult. Share. Find Your UMORE.

Contact us to get started on your tile journey, or dive into inspiration by browsing our collections.


UMORE™ is a visually inspiring line of floor and wall tile nationally distributed by Spartan Surfaces. At the core of UMORE is the belief that all creativity begins with a mood. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, or a designer, a mood serves as the foundation upon which your masterpiece is constructed. Our collections are thoughtfully curated, offering a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, with the goal of empowering you to construct a mood that reflects your unique vision. Explore our products, create wish lists, and order samples – UMORE is here to complete your mood, one tile at a time.

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